Friday, May 17, 2013

A 100 Year's Inheritance: Review

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Two posts in a week? Unbelievable!! Well, yeah...I thought I should catch up a little bit :)
For those who notice, I up-date regularly the section "Dramas I'm watching" (on the right-hand side). Right now, besides 7th Grade Civil Servant I am also watching another drama. A 100 Years' Inheritance was recommended to me by one of my Korean friends a few weeks ago, but I thought I would wait until I have more time to give it a try. It currently replaces May Queen in its time slot, since January and until July. I am not a great fan of long series, and this drama is supposed to reach 50 episodes (no mention of prolongation for now). But, oh well...I tried it last week-end, and I waited until I had seen enough episodes to give my review on it. I am now at the episode 27 (/38 already aired).

Where should I start? First, it is a long drama: you can see that in the way the plot has been developed until now: many stories are put in place, involving various characters on different levels. It will definitely take some time to resolve everything in a satisfactory manner -so don't get frustrated too soon. I guess 50 episodes might then be just enough in that case, aha :x

The core story is about a woman, Min Chae Won, who comes from a family that has been in the noodle business for now a 100 years (hence the title). Despite her modest origin, she married into a rich family, and suffered for 3 years in an abusive household (look at my post on the Family Relationships --> people tend to live with their in-laws after their wedding): devilish mother-in-law, spineless mama-boy husband and selfish sister-in-law. She finally divorces her husband, but the drama doesn't stop there. While trying to get out of her marriage, she met a guy (aka Main Guy) who slowly falls in love with her. Main Guy was the love interest of the sister-in-law, who ends up showing the same devilish psycho trends as her mom (must be in the genes, really). At the same time, the ex-husband can't forget about Chae Won and makes her life miserable. Just plain miserable (the genes of the mother seem to be pretty strong, somehow). Fortunately, she has a great family who supports her, and the second plot of the story revolves around them and the noodle shop's succession, since her grandfather is getting really old and wants to pass down his business to the next generation.

Now, something you guys need to know: this drama is what I would call a hardcore drama, so if you don't feel ready for the challenge I recommend you pass this one, aha :D
What do I mean by hardcore? Well, every single K-drama ingredient has been poured into the pot: amnesia, crazy mother-in-law, car accident, sudden grave illness, piggyback ride, marriage proposal on candles light, crazy second girl, nosy family members, and most of all, misunderstandings to the dozen! If I wanted to write down lessons for every single K-drama staple I saw so far, we would be already in K-drama 201 or 301 -just saying. I sometimes feel like playing bingo: with my grid, I am checking if all the numbers are there --> piggyback: found! dead girlfriend: found! insane mothers-in-law: found, found, found (yes, there are 3 MIL involved in the story, wait no 4)! mysterious past: ding, ding, ding!! The grid is complete ^^
If you feel like you want a simple refreshing story to pass time, this is NOT the good drama for you. But if you feel like your life is pretty bland for whatever reason, or if you feel bored by the lack of drama around you in real life, you can certainly compensate by watching this, aha. No seriously, it is a very good drama, and once you're into it, you won't leave it until the end. What I really like about this drama more specifically is that it is a dynamic story, though complex: the misunderstandings never last too long and get resolved pretty fast. The big plots are slowly uncovered, but I'm glad to report that not everyone in this drama is oblivious and/or stupid: the Main Guy does use his brain to counter-attack the devilish mother-in-law of Chae Won. The grandfather and the father of Chae Won are also very likable characters, wise and loving at the same time.

My only grief is that I would have preferred a more handsome Main Guy than the one acting right now. I know, I know, I can be very superficial sometimes -_-. Also, there is one pair that I can't see together, but I won't spoil you about that. Besides those -small- issues, really I think the cast is good. And I do like Eugene: I've seen her in other dramas, and I have nothing but good feelings about her. For the dramas fans, you will recognize many faces from other dramas, all great in their respective roles.
I will recommend this drama, but with some caution: if you don't like overly dramatic storyline, just pass for this might get frustrated by the length and the different stories going on among each generation of characters (grandparents, parents, and kids=main characters) and between the three generations. On the other hand, if you have never experienced a true Korean Drama (it has most of the Kdrama staples), then you should give it a try to see what it is like. I personally find it enjoyable, and can't wait for the last episodes to be aired (fortunately, it's 2 ep/week!).

original title:백년의 유산 (hangul)
title: A Hundred Year's Inheritance (translation)
release date: January 5, 2013
air time: Sat/Sun 21:45, on MBC

1st female lead: Eugene
2nd female lead: Yoon Ah Jung
1st male lead: Lee Jung Jin
2nd male lead: Choi Won Young


  1. Wow.. you don't find Lee Jung Jin handsome enough!?!

    1. I beg to disagree with the blogger because Lee Jun Jin is very attractive and also plays his part really well.I wish he could have more Korean series or movies.I don't know if anybody noticed that the more the episodes run he's getting more attractive.

    2. I didn't talk about his acting at all, if you notice. Aha, and I did say that I was a bit superficial on that one too, right? The fact that he becomes more attractive along the drama is true, but is also a general fact in dramas: the hero (or 2nd lead too sometimes) looks better and better the more you see him ;-)

  2.'s not that he's not handsome enough, he's just not my type at all ahah :-)
    For early-thrirty year old men, I prefer actors like Kim Nam Gil, or Song Seun Hun, or Jung Kyung Ho (who played in Heartless City). I think, just being tall is not enough, the face is very important too...right?
    Who's your favorite actor, then?

    1. The all time Korean lead actor for me is Song Seung Heon since that Autumn in my Heart series but for this series, IMO there's nobody who can play the role of the Lee See Yon other than Lee Jun Jin.

  3. I agree with you. It could be more interesting if Song Seung Hun was the male lead. But I'm loving the drama and I want her mother-in-law killed.haha.

    1. aha, I can spoil you there and tell you that she won't die, BUT like they say "karma is a bitch" :-D She will get what she deserves, be sure of that!

  4. I watched Korean tv dramas FAITH, MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO, DR JIN, FIVE FINGERS and others. I agree your assessment of drama but for me the hook that brought me back 50 times was the HUMOR !! I lived in Paju for one year in 1996 and this was so fresh and nostalgic for me. The mother-in-law really chews the scenery. There are really 3 mothers-in-law but the first one introduced is an amazing actress. Main ingredients in the modern stories are the constant dinners with side dishes, grape wines along with the soju drinking, affinity for ostentatious possessions, nick names....

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed this drama! If you liked the actress who played the Main mother-in-law, she also played the grandmother of the Main Guy in the drama Fated To Love You ;-) You should check it out!

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